Reference Projects

Villa Assembly Work 2023

Impressive project for EKA Construction Group, assembly work for this wooden house, creation of interior walls, plywood - plaster assembly, window/door fittings, floor fittings, facade panel fittings, framing, installation of roof tiles.

Complete renovation of old offices to new residential apartments in 2022

Skärhamn, old office complete renovation work. From old office to new apartment, which was carried out by EKA Construction Group.

Main Assembly Work 2022

Collaboration with Henrik Anderssons Byggnads AB (BRF Solslätten i Klippan). Main assembly work for these 2 apartment buildings was carried out by EKA Construction Group.

New Building 2022

Assembly of new apartments in Apalby, Västerås. Reformhus has delivered the frames for 21 apartments to Byggmäster in Mälardalen. The assembly, carpentry and painting were carried out by EKA Construction Group.

Plaster Assembly 2021-2022

Our successful collaboration with SSEA in the project "Storsjöskolan Östersund" where carpentry work, plaster assembly and surface finish were carried out by EKA Construction Group.

Total Undertaking 2021

New Building 2021


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