House Order: Conditions and Specifications

✓ For every individual house order, we are offering a free gift: a Garden Kids playground house.

✓ For every order of 3 houses or more, we offer amazing free gifts: a sauna and a bathtub.

✓ For orders of more than 2-3 units, we work together with the client to determine a reasonable percentage of the prepayment amount.

✓ A 70% prepayment is required for any individual orders.

✓ House deliveries are included in the price, and we also assist with the delivery process.

✓ New build homes come with a 10-year warranty to provide homeowners with protection against structural issues and defects in workmanship.

✓ We provide on-site assembly work, as well as finishing work inside (extra cost for finishing work).

✓ We offer the option to create terraces around the houses.

✓ We also offer saunas and bathtubs.

✓ We offer Luxury houses, family houses, small houses, cottages, camping houses, and more.

✓ Main house wall frame sizes can be chosen: 150 mm, 200 mm, or 250 mm, along with the right insulation.

✓ From your side, you need to prepare foundations and communications, as well as provide ready-made project details.

✓ Production time is between 3 to 9 months, depending on order quantity and sizes.

✓ We offer consultation with our own Swedish architect for a fair price, along with drawing services.

✓ EKA modular houses are available in sizes ranging from 30 square meters up to 450 square meters.

Some completed houses to see:

✓ EKA provides 3D documentation for the main house frames, as well as floor plans for the chosen house presented in 3D visualization.

✓ If you have ready-made house project drawings for a stone house, no problem, we can convert them to wood.

✓ Includes: shower, tiled floors/walls with shower enclosure.

✓ Includes kitchen unit.

✓ We offer foundation solutions for small houses.

✓ Includes electrical cables in panels.

✓ We do not provide main furniture in the houses.

✓ We can assist with large foundation process work.

✓ Included: main frame panels, wooden windows, wooden sink, roof frame, concrete roof tiles, parquet or laminate flooring, plasterboards for interior walls, plywood, and more up to the painting stage (additional details provided to clients).

✓ Includes a fireplace in the houses.

✓ Includes heated flooring with a central recuperation system + solar panels (solar panels are not included in our offer); this section pertains to individual houses.

✓ Our facade system features high-quality fireproof, waterproof materials, including thermo wood using our special system.

✓ We use thermo wood facade panels: impregnated and burned.

✓ We use a special metal mesh in the panels/roof construction.


Are you seeking a new home that offers both financial and environmental benefits, along with stunning Scandinavian design and quality construction? If so, please fill out the contact form, send us an email, or give us a call.