Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do I need planning permission for my Eka home?

Yes, as a general rule you will require planning permission. The planning process for building an Eka home is the same as for a traditionally built home. Please see your local government website for more information on the process.

If you are in the Channel Islands, please see the local government websites below:

What types of housing do you offer?

We offer Swedish Luxury houses, family houses, small houses, cottages, camping houses, and more. Please see our website for options and scandinavian completed projects:


What are your prices for your Eka Homes?

Our prices for Eka homes vary depending on your choice of the house, house quantity, delivery location and material choice.

If you wish to receive a cost estimate for your project we are available to guide you through this following your filling out our client information form.

Can you design my house and provide architectural drawings for our planned project?

We offer consultation with our own Swedish architect for a fair price, along with drawing services. On each modular house offer we provide detailed information of what is needed to help you create your vision.

I have architectural plans completed, can you use these to help design my Eka modular house?

Yes, if you have existing plans we can work with our team's architect to integrate this into our planning method and provide you with the plans for a modular structure. This also included 3D modeling. Of course, a fair cost will be agreed for this service.

I have architectural plans for a block/stone house, can you change these into an Eka modular wooden house design? 

Yes, we can if you have existing plans that can be designed in block or stone we can make these plans in timber. 

What is included in an Eka Home?

Please visit our website to see what is included in an Eka Home. 


Do your homes come with a warranty?

New build homes come with a 10-year warranty to provide homeowners with protection against structural issues and defects in workmanship.

Why are your homes eco-friendly?

Our company's Eka Homes are eco-friendly for several reasons. Firstly, the timber we utilize is sourced from Scandinavian sustainable forestry practices, regulated by legislation that ensures a balance between production and environmental conservation. Harvested forests are required to undergo regeneration through either planned planting or natural processes, promoting sustainability.

Moreover, our Homes are designed to minimize waste during the factory construction process, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility. Additionally, energy efficiency is a key focus, achieved through high-quality insulation that enhances the homes' energy performance. By prioritizing sustainability and energy efficiency, our Eka Homes contribute to a greener and more environmentally conscious living environment.

Are Eka Homes more energy efficient than traditionally built homes?

Yes, Eka Homes stand out for their exceptional construction quality and energy efficiency. Thanks to the manufacturing process, our modular homes boast consistent quality and tighter seals than traditional houses. This results in improved temperature control, lower heating and cooling bills, and a more comfortable living environment with better ventilation and indoor air quality. Eka Homes can also include cost-saving appliances which contribute to energy efficiency.

Furthermore, our homes contribute to the reduction of asthma and epilepsy occurrences through advanced air systems and high-quality products, promoting better ventilation and optimal air circulation.

Do you provide foundations for your Eka Homes?

No, we ask that the customer provides and coordinates the construction of foundations for their Eka Home. Once the customer has organized this, one of our experienced operatives will investigate and review the foundations to assess if it is suitable and aligns with the planning documents we need to construct and deliver your home. Please note that the cost of this arrangement is the responsibility of the customer.

Do Eka provide subcontractors to complete foundations, groundworks, plumbing and electrics?

We would be delighted to recommend local contractors for these work positions.

We ask customers to coordinate subcontractors, such as groundworks, plumbers, electricians, and scaffolders. We will supply comprehensive plans to assist these subcontractors in their tasks. Please be aware that the cost of engaging subcontractors is the responsibility of the customer.

Additionally, Eka will coordinate local scaffolding and crane operators for assembling the structure. However, it's important to note that any associated costs will be borne by the customer.

Please be advised that we will not be held responsible for any delays or discrepancies arising from third-party involvement.

How are Eka Homes built?

97% of our houses are built in panels at our factory in Latvia/Sweden with finishing work completed on-site. Additionally, we construct individual houses directly on plots, from mainframes to completion.

How long does it take for you to build the home in your factory?

After the consultation process is finished and all necessary agreements are signed, the completion time primarily depends on the size, quantity, and requested features of your project. Generally, a 100 sqm house would require 3-7 months for completion and delivery.

What are the walls in your Eka Homes made of? 

Main house wall frame sizes can be chosen: 150 mm, 200 mm, or 250 mm, along with the appropriate insulation under the client requests in line with our product offering. All of our products are class AAA certified products which means every product we use are certified for moisture resistance, fire safety, wind resistance, heat loss prevention, and soundproofing.  They can be adjusted, within reasonable limits, to meet specific requirements.

How does delivery of your homes and products work? 

Delivery of our Eka Homes is included in the price, and once we receive your initial payment we assist with the delivery process. All deliveries are insured and our team members also travel with the projects to ensure the  safety of your home.

What is the typical lead time for delivery?

For an Eka Homes the typical lead time of delivery, from factory to Channel Islands  is generally 3 weeks. This will vary depending on the number of units ordered. This may also vary depending on the project demands, where we can cater for a faster process at an additional cost.

How many storeys high can your buildings go up to?

Our standard products are designed to provide accommodation up to 3 storeys high. However, we can also offer custom products to achieve taller structures to suit specific project requirements.

Can I put my own windows and doors in the planned Eka Home?

You have the option to install your own windows and doors in your Eka Home. To facilitate this, it's essential for us to understand what elements you do not want us to include during the planning phase. We will provide detailed plans to assist you in doing this. However, please note that if you choose to install your own windows and doors, it will be your responsibility to manage this process. We will not be liable for any delays or discrepancies arising from third-party involvement.

How easily can your buildings be reconfigured internally or extended for example adding an extension at a later date?

You can alter the internal or external layout of your home at a later date,  either yourself or with a local building contractor. We can best accommodate any further changes you intend to make if we know what you intend to change. As a general rule you must ensure any changes comply with local building regulations and permissions. 

What do you use for the external facade of your houses?

Our range of external facades includes premium therma-wood materials such as Oak, Fir, or Pine. We take pride in offering exceptionally high-quality Thermowood for external applications. This specialized timber product is known for its stability and minimal moisture absorption, enhancing durability and resilience against insects and fungi and lots more. With reduced water content, Thermowood is not only lightweight but also versatile for various applications, making it an ideal choice for sustainable and long-lasting solutions.

Please see our websites to understand the products we offer: https://ekagroupltd.com/products

What is the life-expectancy of a building?

Our Eka Homes have undergone independent assessments, projecting a lifespan of 80+ years.With proper maintenance, such as regular inspections and upkeep, the longevity of our Scandinavian modular builds can be further extended.

How do you determine access arrangements ?

We ask the customer to provide us with as much information as possible during the planning stage. In addition to this a survey is undertaken on every project to determine access and the maximum modular sizes that can be used. 

What are the payment terms for an Eka Homes? 

A 70% prepayment is required for any individual orders. For orders of more than 2-3 units, we work together with the client to determine a reasonable percentage of the prepayment amount as per an agreed payment plan.

What funding options are available?

Unfortunately, we do not provide funding options. We advise you to seek financial information from local financial providers to see what financial products they offer.

Can I build an Eka home myself to reduce costs?

Yes you can, and we can provide complete panels as the main frames. More videos and additional information can be found on our website as below:



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