High-class Products

We use 99 % Swedish product for our Houses.

About the thermo wood that we use:

Our heating and ventilation system, including the recuperation system:


Isolation materials:

Roof windows:

Showers, bathrooms materials:

Facade & interior wall isolation material:

Flooring, parquet, Laminate possible:

Possibility of own made oak wooden sink:

Windows, wooden + aluminium:

Kitchen units:

Windows & Doors:

House Facade Examples:

Acoustic Panels:

Acoustic panels are designed to reduce noise pollution in homes and offices. Acoustic panels are commonly used in schools, hospitals and government buildings.
Panel type Acoustic
2400 x 600 x 19 mm
Standard size(1.44 m2)
Black Ash, Gray Ash, Oak, Sapelli, Siberian Oak, Smoked Oak, Walnut
Panel base material
Black felt, Gray felt.


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