Wooden Frame Houses

Wooden Frame Houses

Wooden Frame Houses

We also provide the following options:

✓ We deliver the main wooden frames.
✓ We perform assembly work on-site.
✓ We also offer houses finished up to the painting stage, giving you the opportunity to do your own painting work, as well as providing furniture sets.

EKA Timber offers a wide range of strength-graded construction timber in strength grades C14, C16/C24, C24, C24R and C30.

Timber frame:

Currently accounts for around a quarter of all new homes begin built in the UK

Source: Structal Timber Association


Bonsai Group & Luxioso are part of the EKA family... Bonsai Group are interior specialists focusing on furniture, lighting, design and bespoke work. Luxioso specialises in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Mathew Rolfe is a Director of both businesses:

Mathew Rolfe
Director of both businesses
Mob: +447781166269
E-mail: matr@bonsaigroup.co.uk, or mat@luxioso.com

Website: bonsaigroup.co.uk


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